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Flygood began as the project of a sea-level New Yorker, who was passionate about seeing the world. His favorite trips were into the mountains to hike, ski and board with friends or on his own. Unfortunately, the first few days were usually rough on him. Headaches, nausea, swollen feet, a runny nose etc, He was always the first to get hit. Sometimes he took meds but wished there was a natural alternative (despite working for a pharmaceutical company).

After engaging a small group pf naturalists and physicians he found some interesting facts: 20% of travelers get sick after flying. 25% of people are genetically more predisposed to altitude sickness. Nearly everyone gets sick if they travel too high too quickly.

After much research, Flygood became a reality. Before hiking, some Peruvians chew coca leaves, Nepalese drink mountain-grown garlic soup and Italians eat extra pasta. The locals say these natural remedies help. Now there’s an organic option that easily fits in all of our travel packs - Flygood.