What is your shipping policy?

We ship via Amazon. Amazon Prime members will receive fastest shipping by going directly to the Flygood page on Amazon.com. Otherwise shipping will take 3-4days.

How many vitamins come in a Flygood Mountain box?

Boxes have 8 packets with 24 capsules and tablets.

How many vitamins should I take each day?

Take two packets per day. For best results begin one day prior to departure.

How do I order wholesale or for a large group?

Send an email with your interest to info@flygood.org and you will be directed to the appropriate people.

Will Flygood work for sea sickness?

While we have not specifically designed or tested Flygood at sea, Flygood’s ingredients are frequently used by naturopaths as natural replacements for Dramamine. We recommend the Mountain Formula’s combination of probiotic and ginger to relax your stomach.